Le Hauterive

1145, Nouvel street

Baie-Comeau, QC

G5C 2E3


(418) 589-2041
1 800 463-2041

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Meetings and Events

We are committed to ensuring the success of your meetings and other social events. The multi-purpose rooms at the Le Hauterive Hotel are designed to host all kinds of gatherings. Our five conference rooms can be used to entertain guests and/or business partners. The room configuration can also be modified to meet your needs. In addition, individual rooms can be combined to create a large space for up to 340 people.

Our tastefully decorated and air-conditioned conference rooms and facilities provide the ideal environment for your work-related events or social gatherings. Reliable high-quality technological equipment, including high-speed Internet access, is available to facilitate your multi-media presentations.

In addition, our on-site restaurant/dinning services use their talents to create delicious menus for a variety of meals and healthy snacks.

Service de restauration

Presidents' Lounge

Description : This room is dedicated to the many distinguished local business leaders who have contributed to the development and prosperity of our region. It is also a tribute to those who seek inspiration in their vision and continue to oversee our economic and social development in keeping with the human values we hold dear.

Salon des présidents

Manicouagan Room

Description : The Manicouagan Peninsula is made of sand and alluvium drained by the waters of the Aux Outardes and Manicouagan Rivers.
Borrowing Amerindian terminology, Louis Jolliet gave the Manicouagan River its current name in 1685.
French explorers in the 17th century were fascinated by the area's majestic and enchanting landscapes, which are noted for their tidal flats and sandbanks.
Today, the Manicouagan River remains one of the main migration corridors for Canada geese (in French, outardes), those great and timeless voyagers.

Labrie Room

Description : Napoléon-Alexandre Labrie, a Eudist priest, was born in Godbout, Quebec on August 5, 1893.

After doing missionary work on the Manicouagan Peninsula and in Baie Comeau, Labrie was made a bishop on August 11, 1946. He built his residence in Hauterive atop a cliff overlooking the Manicouagan estuary.

A man of action and a brilliant writer, Labrie was one of the main architects of the North Coast's economic development.
Labrie was known as "the leader of his people". His legacy continues to inspire all residents of the region.

Nouvel Room

Description : This room pays homage to Henri Nouvel, a Jesuit who did missionary work on the North Coast in 1662.

He accompanied the Papinachois (an Algonquin group) up the Manicouagan River and celebrated mass near a large mountain, now the site of the Manic 2 reservoir.

Nouvel had the immense honour of receiving Monseigneur de Laval during his visit to Tadoussac in 1668.

McCormick Room

Description : This room bears the name of Robert McCormick, nicknamed "The Visionary". He founded the town of Baie Comeau in May 1937.

A paper and hydroelectric industry pioneer, he worked to bring Baie Comeau into the top ranks of Canada's industrial capitals.

McCormick died on April 1, 1955 in Chicago and is buried on his estate, which he named Champigny.